Please please please read this.

    So apparently there is a plot started by some crazy saesang Exotics to throw things at G-Dragon during his performance onstage at KCON.
    They claim they’re tired of YG and don’t want him to overshadow EXO and whatnot.
    This is ridiculous and BEYOND RUDE.

  2. cute dance Ate Dara

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  3. heechul dancing and singing to trap ♪♪ใ(^▽^ )ว

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    what kyuhyun understood from moulin rouge hahahahahahah

    Ikaw kasi eh :)

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  5. members cheering for mc kyuhyun ㅎㅎ


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  6. "I’ve quit using a dialect a long time ago :D" - Lee Donghae

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  7. (´∀`)♥

    SuNGMIN (>//////////<)

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    조아라 생일 축하해요!

    Cho Ahra 080515 Cyworld Entry

    At 5:55 in the morning, I was awoken by my “Smile" ringtone… 
    KH: Sister~
    AR: Oh… Oh!!! What are you doing? Are you sleeping? How’s everything? Are you feeling unwell? Are practices tiring for you?
    KH: You’re sleeping? Oh. Its nothing. Don’t worry. I’m working very hard. It’s okay.
    AR: I’m awake now. What happened? Are you unwell? Are you tired? Why did you call?
    KH: Nothing, I just wanted to call. Nothing, there’s nothing. I just wanted to call back.
    AR: Is it hard living in China?
    KH: Yeah, its tiring.
    AR+KH: ………. (silence)
    AR: Fighting!
    KH: Noona, fighting!
    AR: I miss you
    KH: Hmmm…
    AR: Love you!
    KH: Me too!


    Comparable to other siblings, what’s even more special is that you’re thinking of your sister. For other people’s handsome brother, my brother thinks that his sister is the prettiest. The both of us treasure each other more than anyone else. Our parents who have brought us up, have given us more love as compared to others in our growing up years, which have now turned into memories…

    Happy birthday to a sister that is as lucky to have Kyuhyun as a brother as Kyuhyun is to have her as a sister, Cho Ahra! Thank you for always being there for him and loving him. He loves you so much and his members have said on a number of occasions that he often talks about you and how pretty you are. I hope Kyuhyun finds the time to call you today, as I’m sure he will. ♥

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  9. donghae with his banner during ‘so i’

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